VIII. Giants, Earth Mound, Piramids

There are all types of evidence in the pyramids all over the world, in the earth mounds, giant skeletons are discovered proving that a race of giants existed on Earth. Lots of these evidence was thrown in the ocean because of the cover up. The earth mounds were used by ancient civilizations as homes where they lived in harmony with the spirit of our planet. Earth is a living organism and it suffers much because us degrading it every day. Some of these mounds were burial sites. There are places on Earth where entire hills are filled with these mounds, like cities. Some of the civilizations that preexisted our own were forced to live underground because of natural catastrophes like comets or asteroids hitting the Earth or volcanoes erupting. There were civilizations in our long history that risen to a high level of technology and then disappeared because of natural disasters or nuclear weapons, some of them escaped by living into these earth mounds. The Earth was repopulated by alien interventions many times.

The race of giants is supposed to have appeared on Earth a half million years ago, they are referred in the bible as the Nephilim, beings of 7 to 25 feet tall. Some of their genes remained imprinted in our DNA even today; we see this recessive gene on people with 6 fingers at hands or six toes on their feet or double rows of teeth. These traits were common at giant people. This race was extinct because of a war that happened between them and normal humans. The giants lived in the times of Atlantis which was not just a continent, it was the Pangaea, all continents were one, then they split into what we see today.

Proofs of the Atlantian civilizations were found all over the world, on all continents. In history there is a certain cycling that repeats on and on. The giants are the result of gods seducing human females, these gods are the fallen angels from the bible, they are the great heroes of our ancient history. The giants were on earth even since the age of dinosaurs and they were living all over the planet. In America there are many Indian legends talking about giants. There are references that giants had white skin and red hair. The giants had abilities way beyond normal humans, they caused trouble on earth.

The Egyptian pyramids at the Giza plateau have over 73000 years old; they were built originally by human beings from Orion which they represent. They were built with the help of technology and humans, the original builders of the pyramids were great astrologers, over time they were used as shelters for disasters. They were built as representations of the great structures of the dimension from which these gods, the fallen angel come from. What we see on the discovery channel about Egyptian pharaohs building the pyramids with thousands of slaves is totally wrong hypothesis, those people were just inventing the wheel, the knowledge and science needed to construct such great monuments was not that big. People were somewhere between the Stone Age and Bronze Age. The pyramids are in the exact position with the Orion constellation; seen from above they form it. There are pyramids all around the world and they all respect the same proportions and are positioned according to constellations. The people from those civilizations were trying to leave information imprinted on the walls about the things that matter about life and to warn future generations about the cycles of thousands of years that keep repeating because of universal laws. There was no evidence other than the pyramids that the Egyptians were an advanced civilization and they say they didn’t build them, they adopted them. Even today building something like that is an enormous challenge, it’s not sure it can be reproduced. So how could the Egyptians build it thousands years ago, cutting 2.5 million blocks of stone, it is impossible with the technologies from that time to build something like that in the timeframe they say was built.


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