VII. The Ages

We are now leaving the ages of belief and entering the age of knowledge, leaving behind the religions, because believing is a religion, a cult, knowing is something else, it takes us closer to the truth. The Christians take the bible as the only truth, they also think that the bible is the most part of the history. Historians never found real references on the persons mentioned in the books of the bible so they say it is only myth. The bible states the creation took place 7000 years ago, but science found artifacts dating millions of years ago, this creates great confusion, the Islamic religion says that their truth is the only one, they fight about it, the churches say it’s a sin to even believe something else or put questions or research on this. They have a very rigid view of the things and this has nothing to do with freedom of thinking, of speech or with an open mind.

The bible has been rewritten and translated many times so the information we find today in it is corrupted. It is based on real history but is so distorted that now it looks like myth. It was also influenced by the illuminati, through the Romans, they modified the initial information in a way that could give them the possibility to control the people. In the Islamic sacred book, the Coran we find the same story, also distorted over time, in the Egyptian history there are facts corresponding to the bible and in the Sumerian writings the same. The patriarchs of the bible’s Old Testament are actually the Egyptian pharaohs. Most of the gods in all religions are the anunnaki. Much of the Sumerian writings are found in the Old Testament, which is a set of books inspired from the Sumerian writings and the Egyptian writings. The dates and the timeframes from the bible are mixed, the truth is there but the text must not be taken literally, even the names are not mentioned exactly as they were. The unique history was separated into Hebrew history and

Egyptian history, a new story was created because the story of the pharaohs contained too many embarrassing things. The big picture is that in all these times are transitions, when the new story was created there was a constellation change, this happens every 2000 years, so the Egyptians were transitioning from the era of Taurus to the new age of Aries, they were worshipers of the bull, the cow. The new religion worshiped the sheep, that’s why Moses had so many problems with the golden bull. They were arguing just like we do today, when the old religions are against the spirituality, we are transitioning from the era of Pisces to the era of Aquarius. The Pisces era was brought 2000 years ago by Jesus. They made him the sheep of God. He said that whoever follows him he will make him fisher of men. He made the transition from the sheep to the fish, he picked fishermen as apostles. In the present time we have the same change, this is how the connection to the stars works, they even determine our religions. The astrological ages are in the invert order of the astrological signs: in our case Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Aquarius.

Every 2000 years a big figure come is, the transition between eras always brings tectonic movements, volcano eruptions so we would have earthquakes, this is because the influence of the stars and the planets. In the times of Moses there were no Jews, the people that fled from Egypt became Jews after they installed themselves in the land of Canaan. In their exodus, the future Jews struggled to find the Canaan that is called today Israel, they killed millions of people and practically stole this land from the original inhabitants. That’s why in our times there were so many Palestinian conflicts with their neighbors who claim back those lands and why their entire history was full of problems. In the year 70 AD a roman general slaughtered one million Jews, the rest of them scattered to the four corners of the Earth, wherever the Jews went they were hated and persecuted, they were massively exterminated by Hitler. They had to pay their karma. All the destructions they made is coming back at them.

In the beginning days when the serpent cheated on the woman with an apple, God put a separation between the seed of the woman and the seed of the serpent. There has always been a fight between people who came from Adam and Eve, which were of pure genes, and the people with reptilian DNA. They were always trying to wipe the humans, they thought that killing Jesus will resolve it, but he appeared again in a spiritual body teaching people like Pavel.. Actually in the entire picture it was a war of the gods, between the god of Moses and the Egyptian gods. Jesus was a man who knew the spiritual truth and tried to tell it to the people, if he would be born again in our days he would have the same fate because the situation is quite the same, the religious leaders keep us in fear, doctrines exactly like in the time of Jesus, he wanted to open our eyes, but the anunnaki didn’t let him succeed. Jesus was betrayed and the religious and political leaders of that time arranged his punishment and death so they can spread further their doctrines, nothing has changed since then. They keep us away from knowledge, because who owns the knowledge has the power, they want to have power over us by any means. If we would know the real information we wouldn’t need priests so the control would be over. The bible says that in the end days knowledge would increase. Apocalypse means veil lifted, this is what happens now, the truth begins to come out, the knowledge is increasing, people are awakening from the long sleep of ignorance, we were in a dark age.

The kings of the age of Aries are known as the shepherd kings: Abraham, Solomon, David, Moses etc. They maintained the bloodline of the anunnaki from the Egyptian pharaohs but they tried to hide it, they changed the old Egyptian religions of multiple gods to a new monotheist religion with one single invisible god. The annunaki stayed in Egypt hidden, their bloodline maintained until today in our world leaders, they are responsible for much negativity on Earth including support for Hitler, they have been here for several thousand years they worked to enslave us in the near future with a new religion but they didn’t succeed, most of them left the planet a few decades ago, few of them and their Earth people-the illuminati are still in control, trying to hide all the clues that could lead us to the discovery of the truth about ourselves and about them denying everything so the truth seeker has a very difficult task in exposing them. If we wake up and remember that we are gods, their game is over.


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