VI. The Anunnaki

The sirians and the pleiadians are very close, they are highly technological and spiritual they influence much of the Mayans, Incas, some Native Americans, the Egyptians. The blood sacrifices made by these civilizations are influences by the reptilians and their allied races. The reptilians and their allies are known as the anunnaki, the name comes from the Sumerian culture. They changed us genetically and made us slaves and introduced the religions which are 50% truth, in this way they can manipulate us, they are the gods in our religions. The technology they presented to humans long ago seemed like magic to humans in that time so humans saw them as their gods. The sirians did not present themselves as gods, they were more like the prophets of the Old Testament Of the Christians. The Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Mayans, the Incas, the Chinese and even the Bible says that for millennia we were ruled by gods and then we switched to human kings that represented the god’s leadership: these were the kings, the pharaohs. The reptilians are a parasite race that takes control of inhabited planets, suck their resources while maintaining their inhabitants in slavery. They are highly intelligent and they feed from the inhabitants negative emotions like fear, anger, they perform blood rituals and sacrifices and they cause wars so they can generate those emotions and other ugly methods.  This is their nature, it’s their only way of survival, by feeding with our energy because they are not capable of producing it themselves. Some of them are among us disguised as humans, they have the ability to shape shift in human form, others stay hidden. They are psychic vampires. They come from the fourth dimension, they maintain themselves in the third dimension, our physical world by shape shifting into humans, they maintain their disguise by feeding our energy. They rule the planet since ancient times by pharaohs, kings, presidents, ministers who are the illuminati, their people, they maintained themselves in leading positions through a royal bloodline since the times of the pharaohs. There are also people who helped them and got big rewards for this. They have as workers a grey race with big black eyes, the classical alien type from the TV called the grays, they come from the Zeta Reticuli star system, this race was saved by the reptilians from extinction by cloning them and using them as workers here on earth. The anunnaki found ways to control us so they can mine the resources of the earth. The majority of them left our planet two decades ago, some of them and the illuminati remained, continuing the agenda controlling us by abductions, experiments, mind control or through the media. They created a dark world on Earth because that is the only method they know, where they come from , the constellations of Draco and Orion those worlds were in continuous wars and corruption. It’s meant for them to turn to the light soon because their time is over and they are not allowed to conquer any planet or go elsewhere because of their negative nature. They are leading now their last battle, they do as much as they can to stop us from waking up and see the truth by inventing the war on terrorism, economic collapse, global warming, all kinds of diseases and all those things that put us in fear and anger and take away our basic freedoms, manipulating us and keeping us out of positive emotions like love and happiness which are the keys to our release.


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