V. Our Origins

It seems that we have a very long history. So what are our origins? Where do we come from? We originate from the constellation of Lyra, in the Vega star system, our ancestors lived there millions of years ago, they were gigantic in size, highly advanced technologically and some of them spiritually but they were also an aggressive race, they were conquerors, taking over inhabited planets, enslave people, destroy civilizations. in their journey, some of them established themselves in the star systems of Sirius A and B, some in the Pleiades constellation.

These guys developed more spiritually and over time they developed very long life spans, they come to live even thousands of years, they become very positive and spiritual. But they made a big mistake: they separated and genetically engineered their own fighting spirit, their aggressive side in the desire to forget any negative and aggressive traits so they can only be positive. Their fault was that they remained vulnerable to other aggressive races that may visit their world or the new race that they created could turn against them later, so they genetically engineered the new race to be their protective race, one of warriors to defend them while taking the correction back to balance themselves. When they created this warrior race they made two specific modifications: 1.They shorten the lifespan of these people to one hundred years or less so they do not gain enough knowledge so they become a threat to their creators. 2.Amplify the aggression on them so they become brilliant fighters.

After they balanced themselves back they no longer needed the fighters so they decided to get rid of them. The most spiritually advanced guys in their world said they shouldn’t do this because it’s a crime, it’s against the laws of the universe, so they gathered to pick up the fighters in huge space ships and took them far in an unpopulated part of a spiral galaxy which is known today as The Milky Way, our galaxy, in our solar system. This was 22 million years ago. In the solar system existed planets like today earth mars, but there were some more than there are today, they had names like Melona, Maldec, Faton. This is not the only time when extraterrestrial travelers have come to our solar system and colonized these planets. On one of these planets the population ended up in a big war and the planet was blown up by atomic weapons, the explosion of nuclear weapons directed seawater in the magma chambers of volcanoes causing enormous explosions which contributed to blowing the planet apart. The asteroid belt in our solar system is just what resulted from the explosion of that planet. These information’s exist in the Sumerian writings. The survivors that escaped by space ships flew to Mars and Earth, but the majority died. Mars was also affected and this contributed to the disappearance of life on it, these constructions were annihilated. There is a creation law that explains what happens if your planet is destroyed and the population on it dies, the souls of those people will incarnate on the closest habitable planet that is on the same evolutionary level with the planet which they come from. Since there were already settlements on Earth at that time occupied by humans, the souls would have come in the spirit world of the Earth and then incarnate in human bodies on Earth.

The DNA of the people on our planet was already altered , corrupted from past genetic manipulations, so we now in the present time inherit it because we are their descendants. In addition other races and travelers came on this planet all the time, the last civilisation that came are the Asian people, the yellow race, 26 000 years ago.


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