IX. Star Seeds and the New Age

The first wave of massive star seeds incarnations and walk-ins was between 1969-1987. It began in 1800 when few came to the Earth plane, Nicola Tesla was one of them, then they started to come in increasing numbers in the 40’s and the 50’s. This was the first wave preparing the ones coming now. They are called the indigos or crystal children. These are people that are extremely talented or have paranormal abilities; they came to override the anunaki agenda and prepare us for a bright future, for our awakening. They are not all good, some of them come from the ark forces, these ones put blockages on the ones who come from the light so they fail their mission.

The good indigos are advanced souls that incarnated here to save us from the annunaki domination.

They are different from the usual people, they don’t think the same way, they try to look normal. We can see their work in the music of the 70’s, 80′, with messages like make peace, make love not war. They don’ do what other people usually do. Lots of them are controlled by implants put by the anunnaki who kidnap them their space ships. A lot of them are born in abusive environments, their major preoccupation is finding and spreading the truth. Some indigos have the mission to discover these portals and make the link to other dimensions.

The races from which all of us come from are trying are trying to contact us at the individual level, each races has their own people sent here, some to help, others to do harm. We are at the end of a cycle in our history, we are transitioning into a new reality of light, we and our planet. Our DNA is changing, the frequency of the planets, of our bodies are raising to prepare for a reality of a higher frequency. The cosmic crews are helping this process. They help us open the portals here on earth which stayed dormant for thousands of years so new energies come to this plain and lift the veil that was put long ago by the annunaki. These portals lead to different dimensions. We are getting taller, we live longer. We end this cycle every 26000 years. Our brothers the sirians, the pleiadians are helping us but the law of free will or noninterference limits their intervention, we must do this transitions and awakening ourselves. We have think for ourselves instead of accepting what others say is the truth, we must select the information that we see as truth, we have to remember who we are and end the anunnaki rule. We have to regain our consciousness, we must know that we have the power instead of worshiping gods and following gurus. To raise our vibration and regain our power we must be positive, without fears or anger full of love and joy, we must not be negative about everything, we must stay away from that. They make us feel that we have no power, fear, panic, be violent, being confused. The power is in us, if we regain our power as spiritual beings the anunnaki will not be able to control us anymore, but we must do this in a positive way, not by revolt, hate, anger, which are negative ways and they enjoy them. There are many incarnated light workers, good aliens that volunteered to incarnate on earth to help with the process of human awakening and shifting to the light.

The negative elite could also be preparing a false coming of Jesus by holographic projections in a dogmatic Christian way. This technology exists and could be powered by artificial earth satellites. Even Christians say that the real second coming will be preceded by a false one. They could lead people far into space as slaves and there’s no turning back. We must be careful on that, they could even implant us with electronic chips for total control. A big show in the sky promoted by media is from the anunnaki, could even be good aliens coming with huge landings, in appearance so again we must be careful.


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