IV. Our Spiritual Nature

The universe is fifteen billion years old, our solar system was built by extraterrestrials 4.5 billion years ago, some of the planets in our solar system were seeded with life, atmosphere and all the conditions that sustain life were created. The universe is incredibly vast, there are hundreds of thousands of habitable planets, there are all kinds of races, even dinosaurian, reptilian, amphibian and insectoid races. There is life in every part of the Universe and this is not the only universe, there are many dimensions of time and space, each is set on a unique frequency or vibratory level. There are civilizations even inside our earth but they are existing in a different dimension, so they have a different frequency than our own. There is life even inside the Earth there are civilization but in another dimension, there are different entries to the inner Earth, there are underground tunnels all over the world, mounds, temples built by ancient civilizations. The universe is energy, everything is energy, even the solid world in which we live our daily lives, it is also energy converted into matter. It will turn back to energy at one time, nothing disappears forever, everything is recycled back to energy so it can be processed into something else. So we all come from an energy matrix that was created by a big force billion years ago. This Energy has different vibratory speeds and this results in having different worlds each at it’s own frequency, at its own moving speed so they don’t see each other even if they share the same space. This three dimension world that we are living in has its own frequency and we are tuned to only that frequency. This thing works like a radio band of frequencies, if you turn the button to find a specific radio station, you are tuned to that station and don’t hear the others only if you move the button again. So in this position of the button you only get one frequency, one radio station. But this not necessarily mean the other stations don’t exist, just because you don’t hear them all at once. The same is with our world, we don’t see the other worlds but they coexist with us sharing the same space but at a different frequency, and we don’t feel them or see them only if we increase or decrease our own vibratory level. This can be proved by the aid of modern technology, the digital cameras catch different things that we don’t see with the naked eye, because the camera’s frequency range is wider than the one of our eyes.

What became very clear in my documentation is that we are not just body and mind like the standard science teaches us, we have a consciousness, a spirit or soul that connects us to the entire universe. The first thing that we have to learn in our spiritual evolution is that there is no death. Death is just a word invented to keep us in fear, the fear of the unknown, it is invented by science to justify the unknown answer to the question that says: what happens after we finish our existence here? There is no clear answer, it says we become nothing, we are buried and thats it! Isn’t it absurd? Why do we even bother living then? So there is definitely something more to this. We are souls, spirits; we live hundreds of lives in millions of years of spiritual evolution, we incarnate in many forms. In between our physical lives we hang out in the spirit world, which is another dimension, there time and space have other meanings than here. We incarnate in physical bodies to learn, to experience. The dense world, the physical world is dominated by polarities, we can live two different types of experiences: positive and negative, in the end we have to find an equilibrium, we have to experience the bad in order to understand the good, if you don’t know the bad, how can you know to desire the good? There the laws of karma come in, equilibrating every action we make. Everything we do comes back to us later, the law of cause and effect, the karma, eye for an eye, tooth for tooth.

We were created by a big force, we are a mirror image of that force but we have to evolve to be like it in the end and we will become creators ourselves. We have to become creator, we are all gods in training, made by the image of God. After we incarnate on a physical world, we don’t remember the spirit world, it is a must for our evolution, we have to pass trough amnesia, through ignorance and wake up later if we can. We have spiritual guides that help us in this evolution process and we hang out in soul groups that have the same interests. Souls are created all the time so there are old souls and new souls. A spiritual guide is assigned to each of us since our creation. Over our evolution as souls the karma laws are taking action as part of the learning process and equilibrates our soul’s energy as we pass through different experiences.


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