III. Denying the Truth


We live in a time of great importance. A time of a major shift in our reality, a time that all the ancient prophecies spoke about. It’s the dawn of a golden age, a new era for mankind, one of love, peace, unity, health and spiritual development. Are we ready for this new reality? Let’s see what we have done in the past 22 million years? What I want to expose here is the best truth available to us, despite the main stream media false propaganda. What do we know about our origins? There are missing links in the official history of our species. What I want to present here is a resume of all the things I found in my own research, I made all the connections that seemed valid from different sources of information so the big puzzle of our real past, present and future should finally be resolved. Well it isn’t yet, but the pieces are more than ever and they are multiplying. I will not only talk about the connections, but also about some of the possibilities where I found more than one piece for a particular place of the puzzle. In think we must keep an open mind to all possibilities and not to take one truth as the only truth. And this is not a movie, not a fairy tale, not a video game, this is the most probable truth about us, so we must stop finding refuge in magical stories, the magic is here, now, it is real and we must search for the answers about our true nature, and that is spiritual.

Because school doesn’t offer the possibility of spiritual education, which is the real path to the truth, to knowledge, we must educate ourselves from all available sources so we become aware of the possibilities, to step out of the prison in which we are kept from birth by manipulation with school, religion, jobs, television and the teachings of our parents, they were also controlled so they teach us only what they know from the same manipulative sources, it is a vicious circle. All we know as certain truths comes from our parents and other people who copied the same information from their parents and teachers and so on, the majority of us will teach the same things to our children without even bothering to research for ourselves where exactly this information comes, is it true or based on proof or it is just a lie? School should be done with computers, with the aid of the internet, we are no longer living in a static world like before, the world is changing with enormous speed, new things are discovered every day, the availability of information is overwhelming. Standard school is brainwashing us, we are programmed to think in a certain way we learn that the world is something limited, we are limited beings and if someone tells you something different than you were programmed to think is real you will say it is impossible for that thing to exist. The most close minded people are the college teachers, science researchers and this is because they are trained to use the mind and their conscience is put to sleep. If we remain stuck in the mind we lose what we have best, the divine consciousness, that thing that makes us gods. So the majority of people are ignorant to the truth, this is a result of the mind control that is put on us since thousands of years to blind us from our real purpose.

Everybody who researches deeper in something and finds some disturbing truths, the media or the press says it’s a conspiracy theory, these two words became a box with a tag on it, so people when they hear something different than what the main stream media is saying they catalog it and put it in that box without even researching this information. Independent Thinkers and researchers are called pseudo scientists which is a term invented by normal scientists to put another tag so people could not discover them as truth seekers. So in this way different truths that are not conspiracy theories they are seen by the masses as conspiracies. There is a big cover-up of the existence of UFO-s and aliens.

The general idea is that if you believe in UFO-s you are crazy, but there are a lot of sightings and evidence that most people don’t even know about it, the people who discovered the evidence are afraid of making them public because they could lose their merits, their jobs, their reputation. The most important thing in our society today is money, material possession is everything, if you don’t have it you are invisible. The modern man has forgotten that we are not the owners of the Earth, we are just the keepers. Instead we destroy the trees, the air, the water, the life on our planet…but what we do to them…is what we do to ourselves. What man has become today is worse than an animal. We cannot live without animals, but the animals don’t need us to survive.


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