Special Note

Many people even enlightened or awakened take the wrong path of hate and contradiction because of what they know and they argue with the others about spirituality, I know it’s hard I lived it myself because people bring argue motifs all the time,   but we must not fall into this trap, it only brings more negativity. Try to tell the people the positive way understand them and love them, at least respect them if you cannot love them. This is the way, otherwise if you take the wrong way you will lose your light. Let them take their own way, don’t force them, there are a lot of people out there who need t is information so don’t waste time with others who don’t. You take the positive method and people think you are crazy or try to argue even if you don’t? Don’t stress yourself too much, they have a very low vibration, find others who vibrate as you do, don’t let them feel you negative and lower your vibration. They are so ignorant that they don’t even know they do that.

Whatever people say, whatever traps are put in your way, if you know it, spread it so they know it. We are living in times when lie became truth and truth is known to be a lie. Don’t let yourself fooled, we were fooled long enough to think that we are living in ‘la la’ land and the real things were hidden from us, so that only they who had the control to know them hoping we would never wake up. What I wrote here is not a religion, this is what leads us to real freedom, unlike the false freedom.

promoted by democracy. The only truth is love, if we promote love people will throw their negative emotions and they will find the truth, if you revolt for what you know you only spread hate and some people are not prepared to hear the truth, they must be left take their path, their vibration is too low. Each one of us has its own vibration depending on our spiritual growth, people of the same vibration attract each other. Maybe because of what you know you will look as a bad person by your friends or parents, don’t fight with them about the truth, they will lower your frequency by argue. you will find others that match your vibration where you expect less.

God bless you all!


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