The Stars

How many of you have been watching the stars after midnight in an open place? No matter if you are living in cities where the where the stars are not so visible due to the pollution or tall buildings or if you admire the clear sky after midnight in a rural region you can still feel the greatness of the Universe.


Many of us have a nostalgic feeling when watching the night sky that is in us since childhood, without knowing the explanation to this. It is because we miss home…We originate there, our families are there. For some of us this feeling has become a trigger for our spiritual awakening.

Every time I have the opportunity to watch the stars at night I feel so good, it reminds me how wonderful we are as human beings and that we are greater than what we are lead to believe. In these agitated times, when people are caught in the daily routine they don’t have time to look up to the sky anymore. They live in the drama that bytes from their existence making it limited, they forget their true identity as spiritual beings.


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